Amanda's Booty Camp

Amanda's Booty Camp class is a 6-week program that combines intervals of cardio drills and muscle conditioning exercises to provide you with a great workout, every time. You will burn the better part of 1,000 calories during the workouts which will also keep your body revving high and burning additional calories throughout the rest of the day!  Booty Camp classes are reserved for only those who are in that round of the program, so you will also get to know the other great people that have similar goals as you!  Talk about motivation! 
You never know what you will be doing when you come each day for your Booty Camp class, which keeps it fun!  Check out the reviews of Amanda by her previous and current clients and see what her 6-week, life-changing, Booty Camp can do for you!

What benefits will you get from Amanda's Booty Camp?
  • -Increased strength and endurance
  • -Change in body composition including more muscle and less body fat
  • -Loss of inches in all kinds of places!
  • -Gained confidence and self-esteem
  • -A lifestyle change in which the positive repercussions will last forever
So take the first step to a happier, healthier you and sign up for the next round of Amanda's Booty Camp!  You won't regret it!