Annie Mataczynski

One of the best instructors I had was Amanda Martinez. The best feeling in the world is feeling comfortable. That is exactly how she made me feel. It's always hard trying something new, but with her, she made it fun and of course challenging at the same time. I basically scheduled my workouts during her classes only. To hear she is opening Greeen Light Fitness with her fiancé, makes me that more excited to go to her new gym. It is very admiring to have such a great fitness instructor that is beyond physically fit.   It shows determination and that is awesome!!  She is someone that anyone could look up to and the fact that she's respectful is amazing in itself.

Chace Parask

I started training with Amanda to prepare myself for a Tough Mudder race with goals of  losing weight, increasing my endurance and increasing in strength. In just over 4 months of training with Amanda I lost over 48 pounds, took six inches off my waist measurement, my endurance had increased tremendously and I saw some decent strength gains.

Amanda keeps the workouts interesting so everyday you are doing something a little different and she has the experience and education to help anyone modify a workout to their specific needs. I loved that I could just show up and Amanda would have everything ready all I had to do to succeed was listen to Amanda!


Amanda is an awesome trainer!! I have done 8 of her booty camps.  In the first 2 booty camps I lost 30 pounds.  Since training under Amanda I have gained so much strength and confidence.  Her workouts push you to the max, they are challenging but she mixes them up so you never get bored.  She holds us accountable and she is so
motivating and inspiring!!


Amanda is an excellent trainer! She has helped me get stronger and fine-tune my eating habits. With her help, I was able to lose inches off my waist and pass my military PT test.  Amanda’s “Booty Camps” are an excellent way to torch major calories.  Amanda is a wonderful trainer, really knows her craft, and is an excellent motivator. She is very passionate about her work and it shows! Amanda is a great trainer for anyone looking to get fit and live healthier."

Heather Skaudis

Amanda Martinez is a caring, compassionate, and wonderful trainer. She is always striving to keep things new, challenging, and yes, even fun. She makes sure we are doing things the safe way, to avoid injury, and she truly cares about everyone she works with, and wants to be able to help them attain their fitness goals. She pushes herself with fitness, which in turn, makes each and every one of us want to push ourselves, and give 110% as well. No matter what your fitness level is, Amanda is the trainer to seek out!

Travis Mattison

I'd have to say you were one of my favorite instructors. Although my schedule didn't always allow me to choose very many classes you were teaching I knew I was always in for a great workout when I was able to attend your classes.  My initial experience with you as an instructor was with kettlebells.  I had never tried that type of exercise before and you were very patient and helpful with your instruction in those classes.  It took me a while to get the proper form and technique.  You were very good keeping safety in mind for the people in your classes.  Always instructing with comments for areas to improve in form inorder to prevent injury and get the most out of each exercise.  I have also been in your TRX and spin classes.  You always seemed to have a way to encourage and push me further than I thought I was capable.  You create a great, positive, fun, and friendly atmosphere!  You are a wonderful instructor and I hope I can make the time and funds in the future to continue with the classes you teach :)  Keep on inspiring and helping others meet their goals!

Kate Hegge

Amanda is an awesome trainer and motivator! She always has new workouts up her sleeve so you never get bored doing the same ol' thing. She's also great at adjusting moves and workouts to different fitness levels. I would recommend Amanda as a trainer to anyone I know, whether they are a beginner or a seasoned gym rat! :-)


Amanda is such an amazing trainer.  Very attentive and knowledgable.  She keeps me motivated through very challenging work outs.  Don't expect to get up on small details when showing up to train with Amanda. She means business.

Kate McCall

I can not say enough about Amanda and her boot(y) camp.I signed up for the program because I knew it was time for me to challenge myself physically and mentally, which was a scary thing to commit to after so many years of putting family and work ahead of myself.  I was fearful of many things, like can I make my schedule work? Will I be able to keep up?  Will I get hurt?After the first session, all I could do was take a shower and go to bed.  The first two weeks I fluctuated from being so disappointed with my physical condition to slowly realizing the only thing stopping me was excuses and attitude.  I had forgotten that a hard physical workout was as much mental work as anything.  Amanda keeps pointing that out.  Many times through out every class, she will instruct and remind you how to exercise with good technique, how to engage and use your core, and how to push yourself with out getting hurt.  Her workouts are planned out ahead of time with a specific purpose to get the most out of every session.  She is knowledgeable and passionate about her workouts and she is willing to share if you are willing to listen.  It is an amazing experience to go from
focusing on what you can't do, to what you can do.

Megan Nichole Hughes

In Amanda's Booty Camp I lost an inch off my thighs and waist and gained 200% more confidence in the first four weeks! I can say that I definitely earned my results from hundreds of push ups, swings, and reverse jackknives. Amanda definitely knows what she is talking about and how to get people to their goals in the most effective way.
The best part was that we never did the same workout twice. She always finds a way to make it more challenging. I love that I can see results not only in my shape but in my strength. She told me to try pressing a 30lb kettle bell, she said you can do it and somehow it was up. She really is an excellent teacher!! I would recommend her to anybody.

Lynetta Martin

I lost 107 lbs in 2002 with the help of Gastric Bypass surgery. I've done 12 half marathons since then, but I've seen most of them as 'weekend get-aways' with friends. I've only REALLY trained for 2 or 3 of them. I decided to try Booty Camp after lurking on Kinetic Fitness' Facebook wall for months. What lured me?? To be honest, it was the price. I had NO clue what I was in for!From Day 1, Amanda has given us her best and EXPECTED our best in return. When I was struggling I could always count on "You can do it, Lynetta! You're almost there!" Having someone believe I could do it, especially when I didn't believe it myself was so helpful to me. I've never been one that enjoyed working out - ever, but I can honestly say I'm starting to look forward to it and I'm figuring out how I can fit more in my schedule. Thanks Amanda - you are one tough woman, with lots of heart!

Elizabeth Arndt

I was on Amanda's team at the April 2012 RKC in St Paul, where she served as an assistant RKC. I really appreciated Amanda's feedback, helpful tips and encouragement. Amanda is also very personable, which I'm sure is much appreciated by her students. It was a pleasure to meet and work with Amanda. Thank you!!

Heidi Larson

I had never taken a Kettlebells class before and I had knee surgery a couple months prior to taking my class with Amanda. Even though I was scheduled into a regular class when I got there and she realized I was a beginner and had a medical issue, she started her class and worked 1x1 with me to make sure that I knew proper form and
technique to avoid injury and get the best benefit of the work out. She was able to do this while teaching the rest of her class. I was very impressed and thankful for her and how she helped me that day. It really impressed me. I was very happy. I don't think I would have made it through the class without her assistance.

Tanya King

I recently started working out. Amanda has been very encouraging and helpful. She thinks up fun workouts that are very challenging. She pushes me to my limits and makes me feel like I will be able to accomplish my goals. Very knowledgable and full of energy, keeps safety first to avoid injuries. I would say Amanda is as positive and wonderful person I have met. Makes the workouts great.

Jolene Asuma

If you're looking for a killer work out Amanda is your gal! Her classes are tougher than tough! Such a motivationg person! LOVE her classes!

Nick Sunsdahl

Amanda's workouts are hardcore, effective, and fun. She is very personable and super encouraging. I highly recommend her classes.

Dawn Karlon

Amanda represents SFG/RKC, as a true Warrior. She treats her 'Victims' with tough love - including all levels and ages. Amanda sets her OWN bar high - and encourages us to maximize our own potential. She laughs with us, sweats with us, and Pushes with us - and we become better because of it. Thanks Amanda!

Danielle Magnuson

I have done 3 of Amanda's Booty Camps and was amazed by my results! I lost several inches in my waist, arms, and thighs. Most importantly, I felt strong and healthy and I had fun while doing it. Amanda is the best trainer I have ever had! Not only did she push me to be the best that I could be in class, but she also helped me get to the finish line of my first half marathon. I went from barely being able to run two miles non-stop to running a half marathon, in just a few short months. She even took time after class to show me stretches and how to use a foam roller. Amanda goes above and beyond and truly cares about her clients!


Amanda's classes motivate you, kick your butt, educate you, and make you laugh. She shows you the strength you didn't even know you had. She taught me that me, a 30 something overweight mom of 3, could kill it right next to a bunch of fit 20 somethings... And walk away with my head held high!

Terrence Turner

Paul is an excellent trainer. He is very patient, motivational, and an inspiration being a triathlete.  You can tell by working with him that he is passionate about what he is teaching.  I had never used kettlebells before, and I felt comfortable with the pace he taught.  He made sure I understood the motions, so I didn't injure myself.  Under his instruction I know I'll get into the shape I need to be in for my MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fights.

Brad Rockwood

As his brother, you could guess that over 24 years I have some negative comments to say about Paul.  Putting aside the brotherly rivalries and focusing just on Paul as a person and his training abilities combined with nutritional knowledge is a different story.  Not only has Paul helped me achieve fitness goals and obtain a more fitness-driven lifestyle, but I’ve also seen how he works with others.  His approach is unmatched by most, as he is able to connect with people and make them feel comfortable and confident in their ability to go for that heavier weight, or push yourself just a little bit more to reach your goals.  He is one of the most driven individuals I’ve ever met, and with his drive and main focus now being helping others reach their unique fitness goals, you too, are sure to see the results you desire.

Neil Pede

Paul is an awesome trainer and great at motivating others to work hard and live more fit, healthy lives.  He knows how to get people to where they want to be using strategic combinations of workouts and diet.  I race dirt bikes and was introduced to kettlebells and functional fitness training by Paul.  He swore up and down that these workouts would be everything I needed in order to have a physical advantage out on the track.  The strength-endurance, grip strength, and mental toughness was what he said I’d get more of, and he is right.  On and off the track I can tell each week that I am getting stronger and more physically fit to handle whatever comes around the next turn.  I’m glad that Paul is such a great trainer and motivator and opened Green Light Fitness so that I can keep winning races and adding to my trophy case.

Brian Collins

Paul knows how to make you work hard and hit your limit every time and push past it.  He is really friendly to everyone that he meets and knows how to modify each exercise to fit with everyone’s ability level.  Exactly what a good trainer should be in every way.  Highly recommended.

Brent Winans

I’ve been good friends with Paul since high school.  I’m extremely proud of him and Amanda for opening their gym Green Light Fitness.  Both of them are huge inspiration to so many people and are the best motivators I’ve ever met.  You could walk into their gym without an ounce of energy or motivation and leave with the best workout of your life, every time.  The functional fitness I have gained from their Kettlebell, Suspension Training, Circuit, and Spin Classes is constantly opening my eyes wider to what I am capable of.  Everything is easier with increased fitness.  Seeing the physical accomplishments that Paul achieves each year has motivated me to be the best I can be.  He understands fitness and what it takes to get people to their ideal self physically.  Great friend and a great trainer.

Eric Murphy

Have you ever had a trainer who’s out of shape?  Doesn’t make you very motivated or confident that fitness is possible, does it?  Paul is in great shape and proves it by demonstrating routines right along side you in class.  You can tell how passionate he is about his work with others in each class.  He gives 110% to everyone every day to make you look and feel better!

Michelle Rockwood

Paul and Amanda are both amazing at their jobs!  Having never worked out with kettlebells, Jungle Gym XT bands or spin bikes before, I will admit I was a little nervous to go to their classes.  That changed literally the moment I began.  Attending the 101 class gave me a great understanding of how the equipment works and the way Paul and Amanda demonstrated each move was very helpful. 

No matter your age, size, shape or ability Paul and Amanda make you feel important and encourage you to push hard during every class.  My personal goal is to lose weight, tone up and live a healthier life-style and I am already seeing and feeling results after two weeks at Green Light Fitness. 

Having two certified instructors offering their members the personal training, attention and encouragement during every class is worth your time.  I find myself looking forward to the classes and the support from other members is awesome!  Each class is different which keeps it fresh and intense.  They incorporate cardio with use of jump ropes, tire flipping, a rowing machine and more!  Never dull or boring and always a tough workout which leaves me feeling accomplished!

Stephanie Peterson

I started working out at Green Light Fitness in April 2016 when I joined Amanda’s Booty Camp. As a beginner in all things fitness, Amanda was very informative and would modify workout as I needed so I could still keep up and work my muscles. Whenever I fell behind, I never felt like I was an outcast. After the first round, I signed up again and again and again. Each round, I found myself gaining more strength, losing weight, and developing more confidence about myself. I can consistently swing double what I used to be able to swing, I can complete the “sissy test” regularly, and most importantly, I can see the changes I’ve made whenever I look at who I was before GLF and now. The journey I’ve been on has had its ups and downs, but through it all Amanda has kept encouraging me, reaching out and reminding me that I have the ability to continue to succeed. After going to many different franchise-like gyms, I’m happy to have finally found the one that works at GLF!

Jen S.

I talked to Amanda before I even signed up for Booty Camp, and she helped calm some of my fears…The first 8 week session I started in June, I was immediately addicted. I love the workouts, it felt great to be at the gym with like-minded people. 

Jen S.

…after a few weeks I started changing my nutrition, cutting carbohydrates and as time went by with the support and guidance from Amanda I switched to Keto and Intermittent Fasting. I am not perfect, but I now have the tools to stay on track. Together with Amanda’s Booty Camp and Keto/Intermittent Fasting Coaching, I lost a total of 20 lbs. and 17 inches. Green Light Fitness has been such a positive experience for me. I could not have done it without the constant support from Amanda and my awesome friends who have sweat it out with me each week.

Laura L.

I’ve been working out religiously for the last five years without changes in my weight. I started keto and intermittent fasting coaching with Amanda and the weight is melting off. In only 3 weeks I’ve lost 8.8 pounds, 3.5 inches from my waist and 11.5 total body inches. I have more energy and eat to fuel my body. No more food cravings! Thank you Amanda for your coaching and encouragement!


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